la di da in Greece

The boyfriend and I recently spent 8 days in Greece. We saw Athens, Delphi, Galaxidi and Hydra – nope, no island hopping. That’ll have to do next time.

Acropolis, Athens:

We stayed next to Syntagma Square, very central and walkable for sightseeing. Also very crowded. Walk along Ermou street, and you’ll see plenty of shops…if you’re into shopping.

Psiri neighborhood, on the other hand, was grungier, with cool graffiti, bars and restaurants. We were too eager and got there a bit early; it was awfully quiet. Restaurant and bar owners were practically swatting flies. But if you’re looking for a cool place for Greek craft beer, check out BeerTime.


Without further ado, I present to you the Acropolis:

Delphi archaeological site

If you’re like me, enjoying outdoor hikes and visits, you’ll appreciate Delphi more than Athens. Delphi is an archaeological site south of Mount Parnassus, and is simply breathtaking. The landscape and remaining structures are beautiful, and if you’re into history – this is the place to be.

Delphi was a site of dedication to Apollo, with an oracle that exerted great influence across the Greek realm. Here, you’ll see ruins dating back to 6th century BCE.


Ah, Galaxidi was romantic. It’s a small port town, an hour and a half bus ride from Delphi (including transfers). We had originally planned to visit Ancient Corinth, but after several days under the hot sun, we caved at the idea of bathing in the harbour of Galaxidi.


Hydra was the final destination. For a visit in early June, it was already packed with tourists. It’s a beautiful island, regardless, with ample things to see. We stayed at the Botsis Guesthouse, in a spacious attic with a pleasant view of the harbour. There were plenty of trails for hiking, but we opted for Saint Nicholas beach this time. The water, as you can see below, is a beautiful turquoise blue. Sadly, the sun was playing peek-a-boo from behind the clouds…


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