Weekend in Nantes

I spent my Easter weekend in Nay, an approximate 15 minute drive north of Nantes in France, with my boyfriend and his family.

The view of the house from along the Erdre River:

View of the house from Erdre River

The weather was perfect, and we went for walks along the river bank. At one point, I got lost, and stuck alone in the middle of high prairie grass, without a sight of the trail that would lead me back to the house. I searched for my boyfriend, who, of course, was nowhere to be seen. I spotted his sister instead, a tiny speck of blue in a sea of green.

Nay Chapel
And there’s Anne-Victoire, in blue…

Having gotten plenty lost in the prairie, we headed out on the boat and came upon a sailing competition.

A sailing competition on the Erdre River

I don’t think this photo does it justice, but it was beautiful sight – the rays of sunlight escaping the clouds, gently touching the uppermost tips of the mainsails.


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